Chip-Tech Featured Products

3M (Electrical Products Div)
Schotchlok electrical terminals, tape, wire marking
systems, lugs
American Zettler, Inc.
General purpose DIP & power relays, relay sockets
Amphenol Corp.
RF/Microwave coaxial connectors
Atlas Wire
PVC Hook-up wire: Military, CSA, UL
Bud Industries
Enclosures (Small boxes-metal & plastic) Cabinets, Relay Racks
Bussmann Electronic (Cooper)
Fuses & holders, fuse & terminal blocks,
surge protection
C.W. Industries
IDC & D sub connectors, power and slide switches
FETs, operational amps, high speed silicon
integrated circuits
Binding posts, chokes & coils, connectors
& access, contacts
Catamount / T&B
Cable Ties, clamps, grommets, nylon fasteners,
spacers, blushings
Circuit Assembly Corp
Connectors (standard, IDC, SCSI, II, III), PCB
connectors, PLCC
Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI)
Circuit breakers: hydraulic, magnetic
Test access, jumpers, binding posts, cords
& cord sets
Cornell Dubilier / Mallory
Capacitors, alarms, buzzers, piezoelectric
audio transducers
Dialight (NTE)
Data lights, pilot lights, assemblies, redouts, LEDs, displays
Elpakco Inc.
PLCC sockets, PIN headers, Teflon terminals,
DIP/SIP sockets
EMI/RFI line filters, film capacitors
AC/DC & custom power supplies, cordsets, power cords & inlets
Helermann Tyton
Heat shrinkable transition boots, breakout boot,
cable entry seals
IEE (INDS Electronic Engineers)
Displays (VF, LCD, DC plasma & EL), mounting
hardware, bezels
Inductor Supply (ISI)
Inductors, chokes, coils, transformers, standard
& custom
Lamps (miniature, sub, micro, neon), LEDs,
inverters, indicators
Keltron Conn
Connectors, D-subminiature, card edge, headers,
IC sockets
Ledtech (Altair Exchange Corp.)
LEDs, lamps, displays, sockets, connectors
Major League Electronics
Board level interconnect pads, thru hole & SMT:
headers, sockets
Mallory Sonalert
Audible signal devices
MCC Micro Commercial Components
Rectifiers, diodes, bridges, transistors,
zeners & TVs
Norman Lamp
Miniature incandescent lamps, infrared emitters
& detectors
NTE Electronics
Replacement semis, resistors, capacitors,
cable ties, relays
Ceramic chip capacitor
Pac-Tec (Division of LaFrance Corp)
Plastic Cabinets, enclosures
Panasonic (Medical & Industrial)
Machine vision & medical CCD cameras
Panasonic IMD (CDE)
DC fans and chip cooling products
Panduit Corp.
Cable Ties, markers, terminals, tubing, wiring devices, raceways
Pomona Electronics
Cable Assemblies, plugs, test jacks, adapters,
cords, boxes
Memory, media cards
Precision Resistive Products (PRP)
Metal film precision resistors
Quam Nichols Co
Speakers & baffles, enclosures, support bridges,
Batteries (alkaline, lithium, coin cellc, zinc air, silver oxide)
flashlights, lanterns
RG Allen Co. Inc
Thru hole & surface mount capacitors, resistors, varistors
Richey Capacitor
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors
Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Capacitors, resistors, ferrites, SMDs, PCBs, hybrids, keyboards
Terminal blocks, connectors, accessories
SEI Electronics
Resistors (carbon film, metal film, carbon composition, metal oxide,
SMD networks, chips, SIP's)
Semco (Silver Electronics Mica Co., Inc.)
Rectifiers, bridges, linear & switching regulators,
Stancor (White Rogers)
Transformers, power contactors, power supplies,
relays, solenoids
Tad Components
Surface mount chip resistors
Taiwan Semiconductor (TSC)
Diodes, transient voltage suppressors, bridges:
thru-hole & SMT
Precision wirewound & metal film resistors
Thomas & Betts
Cable Ties, connectors, terminals, fittings,
wire markers
Tocos America Inc.
Potentiometers, trimmers, switches, SMDs
Ty-Rep / T&B
Cable assemblies, plugs, test jacks,
cords, DIP connections & adapters

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