Chip-Tech,ltd., founded in 1989, with the desire to bring the distribution of electronic components to a new level. In an industry with tens of thousands of manufacturers, engineers and assembly houses Chip-Tech was designed to fill that void created by allocation, obsolescence and shortages in the parts supply line.

Robert Glenn, who created Chip-Tech,ltd., was strongly committed to the electronics industry for more than six years. While working and learning in another company involved in distribution, Mr. Glenn recognized a clear need for a customer oriented sales organization that would perform to a higher standard.

At the very beginning Robert was joined by Ivy Raffe who brought her years of experience in office management and customer relations to the Chip-Tech project. Prior to joining Chip-Tech Ms. Raffe had gained invaluable experience in these areas, specifically customer relations, for a utility company dealing with a customer base in the thousands.

Neal Stevens came onboard bringing years of experience to Chip-Tech. Mr. Stevens' background as an entrepreneur, having owned and operated several successful businesses, would bring organizational skills and experience to the Chip-Tech senior management team.

At the beginning Chip-Tech, Ltd. operated in very modest surroundings occupying only 300 hundred square feet and with a staff of 2. Today's Chip-Tech is rapidly outgrowing its 10,000 square foot facility where over 40 employees focus customer needs daily.

During its growth Chip-Tech has reached out opening several regional sales offices around the world all targeted at improved customer service and product supply.

A subsidiary, Northeast Automation was created bringing specialization in subassemblies, cable assemblies and kitting. Northeast brought to the marketplace a dual advantage for Chip-Tech. It not only broadened the range of customers that Chip-Tech can service, it increased the products available to existing customers.

Chip-Tech,ltd. has always been committed to delivering product with a Quality System. Our goal is to deliver product on time, every time, with 100% guaranteed quality assurance. Every part that leaves our facilities comes with a Chip-Tech Certificate of Compliance. Chip-Tech certifies that all products included in each shipment are in accordance with requirements, specifications and drawings referenced. In the event that Chip-Tech replaces a specified part with an alternate part, we guarantee 100% that the replacement part will perform, fit, form and function.

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